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A detailed image of a black squirrel eating a cracker, resembling a photograph taken with a Nikon D850 camera. The image has a quirky imagination style, with chalky and blocky elements influenced by Dutch tradition. It also incorporates wildstyle and photobash techniques, with a touch of pixel art. …

Spider-Man as a dark and supernatural hero, digital painting, hyperrealistic, haunted city, powerful pose, web-slinging attack, ghostly shadows, menacing malevolent spirit, glowing red eyes, spider-web accents

Oh. Okay. The daughter’s arc is baller #TheBigDoorPrize

Is this going to be a great #TedLasso or just a quirky good one

This summer feels like Hollywood’s desperate for a big post-Rona year, only with an odd set of legacy sequels, etc.

This week’s episode of #TedLasso is the best tv I’ve seen in years. And I’ve seen some really good stuff.

This is a freaking great episode. #TedLasso

Is the MacBook a sign for Nate? #TedLasso

CHUNGKING EXPRESS meets #TedLasso ❤️

There is food in the Genesis cave, enough to last a lifetime; if necessary. #TheMandalorian

Though it’s much better than usual #TheMandalorian. Might be Baby Yoda in a freaking droid.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away with a convenient pit whenever you need one #TheMandalorian

Got to get the schematics for the Death Star R2 #TheMandalorian

Oh Giancarlo Esposito is going for a “any acting awards were mistakes” performance on #TheMandalorian

I seriously thought FAST X had already come out.

That’s how you do a special location episode #TedLasso

#TheDevilsHour is a little too forced creepy but it’s effective as heck

Giancarlo Esposito is so cartoonish. Which tracks for this show. #TheMandalorian

Digging the Waterworld designs lol #TheMandalorian

Really digging the latest #VampireSurvivors DLC, especially how they do “stages”

I wonder if #TheBigDoorPrize is going to binge better but there’s lots of damn good acting

Imagine if Phil Tippett had done this robot chase #TheMandalorian

The Aliens scanner beam was like the best tech thing on this show ever #TheMandalorian