Morning commute playlist

  1. Flaws, Bastille
  2. Hyperballad, The Twilight Singers
  3. Mr. Superlove, The Afghan Whigs
  4. Falling, Julee Cruise
  5. It’s OK (It’s Alright), Fine Young Cannibals
  6. Good Grief, Bastille
  7. Walking on Broken Glass, Annie Lennox
  8. 17 Again, Eurythmics
  9. Don’t Dream It’s Over, Toni Collette

“Flaws” was where I left off on last night’s commute. It very naturally led into “Hyperballad,” which is all about a man’s flaws. But it’s about a man’s flaws in that Dulli way of talking about his protagonist’s masculinity, which brought “Mr. Superlove” to mind. “Mr. Superlove” always reminds me of Maugham for some reason; it just seems like it takes place in the East Indies or something. Of course, two Dulli masculinity songs is about enough and “Falling” proved a nice palate cleanser. I probably haven’t listened to “Falling” since the last time I listened to the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack in 1993 or whatever but it was “background” in a recent Love and Rockets I read so it was in mind. Not entirely sure how I got to “It’s OK (It’s Alright)” from “Falling,” but I did. The Raw & the Cooked is such an underappreciated album. Fine Young Cannibals are underappreciated in general, but Raw & the Cooked particularly. From it, “Good Grief,” which is kind of like a late eighties song (or at least brings late eighties music video to mind), was a natural next. “Walking on Broken Glass” because some of “Good Grief”’s music reminds of it. “17 Again” because I wanted to listen to more Annie Lennox and Apple Music finally has a decent copy of Peace (it had errors on the old iTunes Match copy). “17 Again” is, emotionally, a lot, and somehow I got to “Don’t Dream It’s Over” from there, mental connection-wise. The Toni Collette cover from Cosi, of course, which isn’t as good as I remember. The guitar solo didn’t need to be there and she has some trouble getting out the jumbly lyrics, but the main parts are still all right. A mostly eighties mix of songs? Not really. It just seems like it’s a mostly eighties mix.