Apparently I miss Bento

I try to use less apps. Crossover functionality. It’s easier to do three things in one app than one thing in three. Then something like BBEdit does five or seven or even more if you actually utilize all its stuff. I’ve only got 4GB of RAM. I’m always trying to work within those constraints, because it sucks when the computer conks out for five minutes.

I’ve now got a text file with various terminal commands. They’re not organized in anyway. I don’t add to the bottom of the file. I don’t notate what they’re for. It’s just a bunch of commands. I could use some way of sorting them. I don’t need them often, but I need to keep them around.

Something like Bento wouldn’t be bad for it. Though Bento was too glossy. A cheap Bento (Bento was Filemaker for Everyone… it’s long since dead).