Bad movie trailers

I want to enjoy watching the movie trailers. I wasn’t cynical about new movies until about 2001, which means twelve or thirteen years of eagerly anticipating new releases. And their trailers. Twenty minutes of trailers. Not on an easy movie to pick accompanying trailers either. Widows is its own thing. Art-house action. But during the trailers I realized a couple things. First, I can’t tell Emma Stone and Margot Robbie apart when they’re doing period pieces. Second, big indie have lost their ability to cut a trailer. Everything’s got the superhero movie money shot tacked on at the end of it now. Even movies where there’s clearly no superhero movie money shots. At first it was distracting, then just depressing. Speaking of depressing, why so many questionable period pieces. It’s like late 90s Miramax, waiting for the next Shakespeare in Love.