Novel thoughts. Wokka wokka.

Latest bad idea—and by bad, I mean, it’s one of those “oh, wait, this bad idea is possible to accomplish” musings. The badness is tied to the idea itself. Like when I thought about how I could, after the 2016 election, rejigger my second novel to cravenly play off the election results. It might have made the novel sellable. But the bad idea never got past thinking through where I’d have to make the major changes to the novel, not about what kind of major additions I would be making. I structured the heck out of the novel so it can handle all sorts of major changes. But I didn’t do it. Because ew. Why would I do that thing? I’ve been going through a creative funk. Aforementioned election results kind of made it permanent. With fiction writing, I was always a write aware of readers but not for a reader. Or readers. Other writing is obviously different, though not in the same way. Only this is written without an audience in mind So some of bad ideas is thinking about the potential audience. There is one for the novel with the changes, there isn’t one for any number of other ideas. Including the one I just had about doing some kind of summarized history of film based entirely off what I’ve written about on Stop Button. Just absurdist nonsense. I think the idea is my brain punishing me for trying to mine previously written not… taken seriously writing for serious writing possibilities. But then I wonder if I could make it good, could this concept be made good. Could it be accomplished. Accomplishment brings up the target audience. And I’m averse to targeting audiences right now. Maybe it’s more of a creative clog than a funk.