I’ve been having an audience funk for a couple years now. Blogreadership audience. I’ve lost a couple regular readers–friends–in the last few years. Different reasons. But both were major audience targets. Twenty-first century long distance friendship particulars. There’s definite fun to using the blog content as an inside joke. I didn’t watch Friday the 13th I-XI for a broad readership, it was targeted for particular regulars. I’m including myself in the regulars, because I too am a reader. Sort of.

I came across the remake of The Fog today and, after thinking about how The Ward was John Carpenter hired to appeal to people who’d liked the mid-aughts remakes. Given that constraint, it’s amazing how well that film turned out.

But then I couldn’t remember if Selma Blair was good in the movie or not. Seems like the perfect role for her, the Adrienne Barbeau DJ part. And I went and read my old Fog remake post and, no, she’s not good. She’s better than everyone else but not good. Bummer.

It’s the first time in a while I’d gone to read an old Stop Button post. In theory, the responses exist as reference for me. Taking the whole web-log thing seriously. But it’s also because I never got rich off my movie blog. So what’s the use?

Apparently the use is telling me I never need to watch The Fog again even if I’m doing a Selma Blair marathon someday, which isn’t impossible or even extremely unlikely. Though I sort of imagine someday in my nineties if I get there.

Not sure that reminder put me out of the general blogging funk but it didn’t hurt.