Regrettable tired writing

Posted on Mar 3, 2021

It was another fail on getting this post done before the last possible moment. I forgot about it even more today than I did yesterday, with one less post to write. So I’m not sure how I’m going to turn this part of blogging into a practice.

I did spend a bunch of time trying to set a cool typewriter font for the blog, but it didn’t work. CSS for at least two hours and no result. I did a little better with some AppleScript, of course, because AppleScript and even regex is easy now (thanks to BBEdit). But CSS. Nope. Going to have to give up on the idea or ask for help. Probably will do the former, might do the latter. It doesn’t matter enough. It’s immaterial to the content itself and might do nothing to aid in its presentation. I wasn’t even able to get a demo going. I really don’t like CSS. I even learned CSS. I promptly forgot it and it was ten years ago and you have to stick with it I imagine, but I don’t like it. I like HTML. I have very few reasons to fiddle with HTML anymore but at least I like it. CSS is just frustrating and in that way you know you’re missing something obvious.

I wish when I had the great idea to start doing a daily micro blog post I’d given some thought to doing it exhausted three days in.

Though I am a big fan of trying to interrupt slumber for story ideas. Or was a big fan of that method. I don’t nap anymore. I think I was considering getting back into it before lockdown but, you know, no.

However, I do still write tired and regret it.