I am too tired

Posted on Mar 6, 2021

Funny thing about forgetting to write a post yesterday and then needing to make one up today? Spent the ride home playing the new Apple Arcade release, not writing a micro blog post. Instead I’m doing it so tired I didn’t want to write up the “Resident Alien” post because I already wrote the “WandaVision” post tired and one tired post is… well, let us avoid that route.

When I started writing The Stop Button it was hard to get to 100 words, much less 250. Then for years—though, at this point, an insubstantial amount of time I’ve been writing Stop Button—I wrote for the 250. Now I’m probably averaging 700 a movie post. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not. Ever since my Wall-E post I’ve made a conscious effort to not just avoid spoilers, but to talk around them, as the content of plot twists isn’t important, rather their execution. Also final episodes aren’t easy to talk about. There’s so much context to muddle through. I don’t like it.

Though I’m also very tired. Closing eyes falling asleep sitting up tired. Probably ought to take another look at that “WandaVision” post before I put it up, even if I didn’t fall asleep writing it. I kept wanting to make a Star Trek II reference (Wanda’s Kirk, Vision’s Spock). Didn’t do it. Maybe I am too tired.