The Amazing Reality

Posted on Mar 6, 2021

There was a book. There is a book. There never was a problem there wasn’t a book. Maybe it wasn’t the right book, or the best book, but there was a book. There was a book, there could be a comic book, there could be a book about the book, there could be a comic book about the book. Should there be any of those things is the question. Should there be maybe always should… be the question.

I really need to get that Avalon rewatch over with.

But there are still things about the book happening. It’s the end of the alien movie and there are eggs in the slime somewhere.

And I dread them. They are wonderful and I dread them.

Hashtag 2020-202? compartmentalism, itself a compartmentalization of 2016-202?. It’s like turning on the light in a room where you don’t want to go. Or maybe you ran out and got a storage container and put it out of sight and it’s the idea of having to open up the box and start sorting. Sorting. Maybe I can just wait it out technologically. I waited something out with Windows 10. It does work. Eventually improved infrastructure blooms like wild ginseng.


It actually doesn’t. Wild ginseng blooms… well, actually. It kind of does bloom like wild ginseng. Every few years, with occasional imperceptible changes. For more information read Ginseng Roots #6, available from Uncivilized Books. The analogy works (besides Windows 10 updates fixing things, there’s also the amazing reality AT&T’s network did eventually improve).

But there are rooms I want to keep lights out for now. I’m going slow. Nearing intentionally. I’m close to being intentional about it. There’s probably a hibernation metaphor around here somewhere but it’s going unfound.