Posted on Mar 7, 2021

Some of this Twitter re-opening deliberation is about TV. Just realized. I’m watching more current, weekly TV than usual. “WandaVision,” “Resident Alien,” even “Equalizer.” But usually it’s just “Superstore” and I’m not talking about it because I don’t want to spoil it for a friend. I’m also very much on the edge of my seat because I want it to go a certain way and wish-casting or whatever wouldn’t be good tweeting.

Good tweeting as in it wouldn’t be fun for me. It’s not about the content it’s about the generation of the content. But also comics. Like, podcast cohost and good friend Vernon has got a new comics slash games shop going and I’m getting interested in comics again. The nice thing about taking a break from comics is the bottom rises a bit. I mean, I’d imagine most if not all of DC floppies are subterranean, but the worst Image books are probably solid. We shall see.

So maybe.

I am giving it a lot more thought than I expected. It might be because there’s nothing else demanding my attention at this moment. I have a list of things to do with The Stop Button, which should take content generation precedence over social media musing, but I’m also rather detached from it. All of the projects are large-scale and unnecessary. Since realizing WordAds pays even less than a few years ago… I’m not chasing that dragon and ignoring stats.

The current plan is actually just to gradually move outward stuff to the other, already open Twitter. I’m also considering moving all my iCloud Apple ID stuff—no purchases just all the data in the world—over to my originally iTunes ID. The latter seems potentially useful and unpleasant, the former seems definitely useless and, if not pleasant, at least engaging. Figuring out how to transfer all the Apple ID stuff seems terrible.

Though I guess I haven’t actually integrated the two accounts in a family yet, which might be the best way to do it except subscriptions. Or I could try to forget it so I don’t spend my day off on it.