Totally Blew It Off

Posted on Mar 9, 2021

It feels like there’s a spring thaw going on. Wasn’t it about a year ago the lockdowns started. Not yet… I’m sure there will be lots of bad editorials when the actual anniversaries start hitting. But there’s definite forward motion, even if it’s grinding the motor. Or something.

I tried my timeout before writing today; three posts, did the timeout with one. I guess it worked all right. The second one I didn’t have time for a timeout and sort of picked at it until it was finished. Third one I didn’t timeout but I also didn’t have to pick at it. I’m happy enough with the results. It’s hard to get too invested in the process; I’ve got to keep trying with it, see if I can find a better balance. I’m probably overthinking it but also maybe not. I had a great idea for something this morning and totally blew it off without writing it down or telling anyone.

An actual good idea, unlike the Twitter unlocking I got an idea from on the “Dithering” podcast. It seems like it might be too much work so unless I can automate it I’m not doing it but there’s also whether or not I’m going to….

You know, the more I think about the good idea I failed to record, I’m no longer sure it was a good idea. I think I remember the general subject and it wasn’t good. But maybe I’m wrong. For some reason I’m visualizing a little red book when I try to remember; kind of weird, but whatever. I’m exhausted but at least it’s not ten yet.