More productive crap

Posted on Mar 15, 2021

I thought about doing a post earlier but then fell off. Possibly because of all the shoveling. I don’t remember the last time I shoveled three times in one day. Given all the momentum I’m currently enjoying—I’ve even come up with a system for updating the old Stop Button posts (system not schedule)—I figure it was time for a soft reboot. Though I’m not really committed to it yet. I’ve found with all the projects lately they need to be in motion before I can see their value. I’m trying to think of things I got running and then they didn’t work but there are so many things I’ve lost track. The two most recent I remember are the digital planner, which lasted a few weeks but it was always forced because the interface is terrible (a PDF in Notability), and then the “To Did” past-tense getting things done productivity thing I almost looked at doing and then decided I hated the idea. I think it was a thought for five minutes. I’d rather keep track of when I nap or get a good nights sleep. I can always do more productive crap. There’s always laundry. But part of the soft reboot means I’m not really prepared for tomorrow, which is interesting going into it. I’d rather be prepared. I’d also rather not be falling asleep at what used to be nine-thirty but what can you do.