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Despite all the jostling

The soft reboot turned out to be a little softer than planned. But it’s working out. The day was more full than usual. Since work-from-home, there’s not a lot of activity to my day. Physically. It’s sitting in front of a computer and typing. The skill of the twenty-first century; sitting and typing for work is a “getting my MFA”-era reference. It was the goal. So sitting and typing all day. Be nice if there was a new iMac, right?

I’m not being so personal as a goal for today’ s post; I haven’t got any plans for making the micro blog more journal-y. It’s just been a bit of a day and I’m finally feeling grounded. Before I do dishes. But I’m settled. Despite all the jostling throughout the day, I can achieve motionlessness. Everything feels still in a very soothing way. The stupid Apple Watch just buzzed me to ruin it with the haptic feedback ASMR app experience. I’m being hyperbolic; some of those apps are fine or even good, I just don’t care about the finger buzz enough. Not the slime ones I’ve tried though. They had no haptic feedback. Or whatever it’s called now.

But minus email notifications. There’s a stillness. It feels like winter, even though winter is ending (at least calendar-wise).

Okay, that’s enough.