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Almost being there only not

I really need to do these posts when I see them on my to do list in the bullet journal and not just assume I’ll get around to them at some point later. They are not meant to be daily “summing up” posts, which I sort of tried before but it didn’t survive January 20, 2017. Now I’m just trying to stay conscious for them.

I’ve had a decent week of writing. Not great, not bad. I missed getting one post written—another “Michael Hayes,” but this way, one behind, I get to bask in the excellence of the turnaround episode before it turns out to be an outlier. Or not. I can’t remember. I think I recorded most of the show and never got around to watching it when it didn’t get a second season. Or I needed the SVHS tapes for something else and thought I’d grab it in summer reruns. I don’t know why I thought summer reruns were such a thing. Every time I relied on them, I got screwed. But the “Michael Hayes” SVHS screw-up was my own as I recall.

I still have a box of the tapes around and a player I haven’t turned on in over a decade. Though I’m not sure how many nineties series I could get through. It seems the earlier they start in the nineties, the worse they age, but they later they start… the more problems they have with the technology almost being there only not. It’s incredible how television is so profoundly unremarkable.

It’s past the middle of the month and I haven’t decided about micro blogging in April. Maybe I’ll do a month on, a month off. Actually, I should’ve done a week on, a week off.