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A definite x

Earlier start time for this post than usual, but more exhausted. I’m trying to beat one of the demon things in “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” but I’m also about to pass out. I’ve hit the “snacking to stay conscious” phase in the nightly fight against sleep.

Today was not a particularly productive day. Actually, outside taking in some plastic bags for recycling—hopefully, we watched “John Oliver” tonight—I didn’t really do much. Watched Knives Out. Played video game. Shoveled. A fine enough day off, even if I’m so tired I can barely string sentences together. String a sentence together. I can string sentences together, but I can’t string a sentence together.

Certainly not one long enough to get this post over with, which is a great sentiment for writing. Reluctant required writing. I didn’t even remember to put the micro blog on the bullet journal.

Actually, I didn’t for any of the days next week either. Maybe I had the thought I should give it up or maybe I just didn’t have it in mind. Seriously, this post is taking forever. Ulysses has a progress indicator and it’s just creeping so slowly along, like a snake moving round to bite itself. Like sands in the hourglass, as our the snakes of our lives.

And whatnot.

But now we’re there; now the snake has become a dot and the daily micro blog commitment has been met. No enthusiasm in sight, but a definite x in the bullet journal.