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I’m leaning further away

I’m trying to figure out Stop Button stuff, which is a change. Usually I’m trying to revise it—the blog not the content—but now I’m trying to think of new things to do. While possibly even revisiting old content; I’m just not there yet. Thinking about it at length long enough to do some tests. Maybe next week; I’ve got another long weekend, though only a three-day not a four. I didn’t plan it around Godzilla vs. Kong, which I might’ve done otherwise. Though I have no expectations.

I did not get a bitching Godzilla figurine thingy from Mondo earlier today even though it’s the just right Godzilla (1989). It’s eighteen inches tall, which isn’t stupidly big enough for the price. Actually, eighteen inches would be good. But no. I’ll save up for a Godzilla 1984 vs. Super-X diorama with two buildings and maybe even the drunk in one of the windows.

If I wait long enough, I can just get it in AR.

I feel like if AR becomes a thing, there’s going to be a lot of potential for AR/VR-only knickknacks.

Hopefully in a fungible way and not the alternative.

But I’m thinking about Patreon again. But like as a writer/creator thing, not specifically Stop Button. With, like, cat wallpapers. I’m thinking about leaning into cat wallpapers. I find the editing soothing.

Though I’m also thinking about doing some new video essays, possibly even doing them with enough context. Though I hate that idea. Absolutely hate it. Never mind. Not only am I not doing that, I’m leaning further away from it now.


Cat wallpapers. They may be a thing.