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All because I wanted to watch a Paul Lukas movie

11:36 and I thought I’d be writing a post about how I’m bummed I don’t get to write about the last episode of “Superstore” because I never got around to writing through the series. I had to rewatch. A friend recommended it, I put off the recommendation ages, started watching the show, knew I had to let the wife know about it versus going alone (a la “IT Crowd,” hashtag fuck Graham L), was going to work out how to write about sitcoms with it at my lunch… didn’t do it. I don’t know if I can blame it on the lockdown.


But instead, I’m writing about how I just discovered I’d rewatched Benson Murder Case without knowing it and did a new post. I guess it wasn’t on Movielens when I first watched it in 2009—makes sense, actually—and I didn’t check the site before I added it to a watchlist and got through it. It was one of my seventy-five minute and under morning watches. Oops. And I rated it down a star.

I’d really rather I’d rated it the same. I’d really rather I found out my star ratings from 2009 where the same instead of being down a star. I do not have any interest in reevaluating things watched to that point. And where would that point even be—not 2009.

What a weird move. All because I wanted to watch a Paul Lukas movie.

One under seventy minutes.

I just had a reasonably lengthy conversation about star ratings. A full one is a significant dip, especially since the sentiment is identical. Something to dwell on.

Or not.

But maybe.