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May Try

This post is my attempt to get my micro blogging done before 11:59 pm every night. I need to be going to bed earlier.

Unfortunately it also means I have no topic in mind. I had a three-day work week and after writing about The Green Mile–1998/1999 were a couple really good years—there’s nothing particularly boiling over. I’m kind of unsure about not really addressing the required projected privilege for Mile but just going all in on it being a Christian movie, actually, did the work. Does the work.

I guess *Mile*’s my favorite Christian movie since It’s a Wonderful Life. I’m not sure what other competitors there are. I haven’t seen Frailty since the theater.

But I’ve got the beginnings of a media scheduling system going forward, keeping the “Michael Hayes” on the work from home mornings, upping the comics on the days off (someone’s running into their PTO, which is a problem even not in lockdown), going big with the movie watches and rewatches instead of trying to avoid them. But doing my duet posts I’ve still got a lot close off and not necessarily with what I’d call big movie watches or rewatches.

I may try to do a new and old duet thing going forward (so watch and rewatch).

May try to do.

Not sure yet.