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Mechanized Kitty Pooper Scooping

I suppose I ought to get this post done. I’m thinking through a Green Mile post, which still kicks down all the doors (is that a phrase). But then I also realized I haven’t gotten my posts done for “Resident Alien” and “Falcon/Winter Soldier” either. For some reason I thought starting a three hour movie at 7:30 was going to have me done at ten instead of eleven.

And then it’s almost midnight and I haven’t done the kitty litter yet either. Or updated the bullet journal. Time just slips away whether you let it or not.

So the plan, at nine to midnight, is to get the three posts up, get the cat litter done, and get to bed relatively soon so I can because tomorrow is a work day and that alarm clock is inevitable.

Actually, we use Alexa for the audial alarm, which is kind of worse. It’s so annoying.

Annoying is good for an alarm clock. Even on a Saturday morning. I just wish we were to the future where there were automated litter boxes. Reliable, affordable automated litter boxes. Who knows. We may never get that far. Snuffed out by our inherent failings, unable to get to mechanized kitty pooper scooping.


Big sigh.

Three word sentences until I hit my word count?

Probably not. Then again….