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How They Feel To Write

I think I’m doing a posting schedule in April. I have two days to decide. Three days. Right now—besides the micro blog, which will be on a hiatus, potentially for a month—the only day I don’t post is on Fridays. The goal being to work up enough catalog I’ll inevitably eek out some money from Wordpress ads. When I started the site, I had this whole “long tail” idea. Because I’d been reading about “long tail” and didn’t understand how it could or could not apply to a blog.

But basically the idea was if you fill up the tail enough—classic movies and so on—you’d eventually get the hits. And it happens. Every time something relatively rare is on TCM, I’ll get a few hits. Not enough to blip the WordAds revenue, but a few hits. Some of the time these posts are so old they aren’t a good representation of how the blog is working at the time, whether it was the 250 word limit phase, or what’s followed, the longer post phase, which has a predictable outline. Basically I had to teach myself to summarize in a way I didn’t hate and then just added that summary onto the 250 word rant.

Sort of. Since I don’t read Stop Button posts again—typo corrections happen when someone tells me about the typo; I recently found an obvious one in a very early post (like 2005 era)–I’m generally guessing at how they read based on how they feel to write.

And my memory’s not good. In addition to forgetting I’d written about Benson Murder Case, I can’t remember if I got my one cousin a present for his high school graduate so now he’s getting a present when his younger brother graduates, but only because I can’t remember. Also I’m going to do a tacky sweater prank I think so… got to share that.

But I’m sort of planning on doing at least a category schedule. Stop Button gets the most reads Sundays, then Saturdays, then Monday through Friday. I already don’t post on Fridays, so I’m going to start doing comic posts on certain days. Possibly weekends, actually, which would be a problem given Friday nights are current TV. That arrangement may have to change. Or not. Maybe do a new comic post on Sunday, then some other time during the week too.

Sundays and Wednesdays.

Of course, I’ve been meaning to read more comics since 2011 so….

We shall see.