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Early micro blogging because I’m trying to be productive today. I mistyped “Abe” in that sentence and I’m missing Kobe Abe. That feeling of the hospital in Secret Rendezvous. When I do get back to reading, I’m going to start with Lanark. Not sure when I’m going to have that time.


But trying to be productive. I got through Year of the Dragon, which was nowhere near as good as I thought it was when I last saw it and actually somewhat more unpleasant of a Michael Cimino experience than The Sicilian. I don’t care if there’s a wasted Christopher Lambert picture; but a wasted eighties Mickey Rourke? Though, and I even broke Stop Button editorial policies on it, post-Wrestler, being a Mickey Rourke fan is a lot easier. There’s good stuff to watch. No more asterisks on 134-minute 80s macho man garbage from Oliver Stone.

Like, no wonder Lethal Weapon changed all that shit.

Also fuck Mel Gibson. Ugh.

And I even got the cat fountain cleaned, which is usually a 9 p.m. activity these days. But I don’t feel productive. I don’t know what would make me feel more productive. I may go sweep the garage where we’ve just started the latest attempt at keeping Shaz from getting out while still having access to the cat enclosure.

Such a pain.