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I just changed my Ulysses theme to more match a Simpletext theme. Simpletext has three themes (six with light and dark). Ulysses has, you know, hundreds of themes. They’re user-submitted and free, whereas Simpletext—despite being an entirely fine plain text editor for multiple platforms and good for distraction-free writing—was three bucks. Good investment to realize I need to shake it up in Ulysses. I’ve been doing something gimmicky with it for ages so as to bake-in some nostalgia to the cheery computer days of yore, when I not only didn’t realize the world was garbage, I was actively taught it was not.

Simpletext does have a much better stat counter thing going on than Ulysses. Ulysses it’s either a window or a filling ring; Simpletext it’s an artful counter.