Flash learns no lessons

Can a TV show have a bad streak and then bounce back. Did I miss a really good season of "ER" towards the end, post-Wyle, just because I didn't get there? "Frasier" had a bad streak but recovered to at least as good as before the bad streak started. And the bad streak wasn't even bad, it just wasn't great. "Frasier" is great sitcom. Grub Street had it down.

But "The Flash," Season Five, Episode One... they add an apartment set and what seems to be a froyo bar set. To Star Labs. "The Flash" feels like it's about to have a very bad nineties season. And there are very bad runs of Flash comic books. So... has a superhero show ever bounced back after a bad streak. Not been bad in the first place, but been good and then slipped.

Also the budget looks slashed. There's more CGI but it's all CGI. There's less integration with the actors. And the scenes are too damn long. And Ralph is a bore. And he shouldn't be.

And Joe's not in it enough. "Flash" likes to pretend the Barry and Iris stuff has that so earnest it can't be saccharine feel of the West family and it doesn't. And every time Joe's there, the show seems to acknowledge it. Then tries to pretend it away.

The Barry lying to Iris again is just lazy writing.