Even after being sans water in Oregon, I failed to realize how much I like being around water. Colorado’s got mountain lakes and drainage canals. Nothing in between. But I’ve also failed to realize how much I like trees. I know I like green versus arid or brown but I’d forgotten the actual tree. I blame summer camp boredom and the great outdoors.

It’s overcast but sunny. A diffused sunny. Not eighty or much past. Kind of perfect.

Sidewalk could be wider.

When we went into lockdown I assumed I’d never miss being outside. I’m not sure I miss it yet—there are still people out here—but I’m surprised how nice it can be. In very small doses. Half hour to close the exercise then out.

Or in, as it were.

Hashtag fitness.

In my hard cleanups I found a nice 50gb disk image of lossless music rips. I’ve got nice AAC copies in the Music library, but I thought—why not. Why not try to bulk add a bunch of duplicates to my Music library?

Because Apple Music is going to screw it all up. Apple Music as in streaming stuff, Apple Music as in Apple Music app. It wiped out most of the files I found and added and the files they’d be replacing. Why? Because Apple Music Match.

Luckily I’ve got a backup because I learned after twenty-three years of this crap—though not of the lossless versions but if I haven’t been missing them they’re just gravy—and I’ve decided I’m busting my music files out of Music.app’s control. Symbolic links FTW.

I know I’m at least trying to be around about the running as regular exercise because it’s so hot out everything looks hot in the bright light. There’s only like one bird chirping. The rest are trying to hide from the heat no doubt.

I’m slower on my warm up thanks to trying to figure out Ulysses for iPhone. It might work out better. I have my regular run course plotted based on elevation. Trying to bake in more relaxing portions.

Wow, it’s hot. My arms are warm. My shoulders are warm. It’s napping in the sun with a lot of sunscreen on warm. So long as you get enough of a breeze. I wonder if anyone’s got their sprinkler going.

Yep. Past time to start.

This posting on warmup isn’t going to work.

I’m losing the daily microblogging enthusiasm. I’ve never been able to do a procedural navel lint investigation of my computer file sorting practices. There was one time I did it with blogging apps, back when Ecto was dying and MarsEdit was very different so I waited a long time to jump ship. I like timed how long it took me to do the same post in each and wrote about it. I don’t even know where. It’s probably long gone. But MarsEdit won and I’ve been with it since.

Except, oddly, for this microblogging thing. I just do Ulysses straight to micro.blog because it’s little writing and I don’t look at the HTML and there aren’t categories. Also I wanted to use Ulysses as the single writing app, including notes. It’s working basically fine.

White male confession time. I listen to some podcasts I wouldn’t admit to in public. Though I did admit to listening to Ben Thompson on the “Studio 60” podcast (though I’m not sure if it made the final cut); but I finally had to stop with the Dithering subscription. However I can’t give even a buck fifty a month to John Gruber anymore. White guys I would eventually throw water on in social settings have to go.

Otherwise I think all of my other subscribed podcasts are solid picks. I even signed up for ATP just because one of the hosts has a good “reclaim woke” monologue so it’s not all Northeastern white gen-xers who are a little too rancid to keep.

Friday’s my podcast day. All day long. So weird it’s standard.

A different podcast I was listening to a few weeks ago talked about “imposter syndrome,” which isn’t what I misunderstood it to be.

At the options exchange, I don’t think I had imposter syndrome. If there were a bunch of people who felt capitalism was deeply revolting, they’ve still never come to surface. I really just was an odd person out.

Maybe less with the history in undergrad. Though it’s hard to tell. Definitely in MFA school. Not in library school but I was already in a library so I knew I could hack it. Since then… yeah, definite imposter syndrome. What’s the solution for imposter syndrome?

My default right now is, “Thanks, I Hate Everything.” I blame “Bob’s Burgers,” but it’s also just… not a lot likable right now. When’s “Ms. Marvel” air?

I’ve yet to recapture the microblogging fever I had last week when I couldn’t stop with the 134-word posts. Rat-a-tat-tat, clinking (versus clacking) away at the iPad keyboard, one after the other.

Been too busy. Been too distracted with work and projects and work and projects and work and projects. Different work, different projects, all mindscape consuming. How isn’t mindscape a word, Apple? Seriously?

Anyway. Headspace. Not enough headspace. I’m carefully sorting through old files and trying to find the best home for them. Sometimes the best home is oblivion. Lots of them are headed to oblivion. I heard comment on a podcast today about back ups not being what they used to be thanks to the cloud. I agree with the comment, yet I continue sorting and backing up.

Does anyone else have the “any and all 1Password updates break the Safari extension” problem? I have to uninstall the app and reinstall to get it to work. Every. Single. Time.

Well, at least twice and I think three times. Because I had to do it again today and it seemed like something I’d done more than the time I finally just decided to do it because I wanted passwords to work. The iCloud Password Keychain or whatever is so piddly compared to 1Password. (Especially since Apple bought its staff 1Password).

But I don’t want to look it up to find out if it’s a widespread bug and I don’t want to email support unless it’s not a widespread bug. Instead I just want to burn through a microblog post on it. Sort of.

I have a project idea I don’t hate.

It’s months from having to do anything about it. But I don’t hate it. And it doesn’t require collaborators. It may be a good idea. Not sure if it’s a good idea or a good idea for a project. Also not sure where the difference would be; though I guess it’s—is it a good idea for me or is it a good idea. I’ve got plenty of good ideas for other people to do.

Whether or not I want to kick something like it off… though it does have further potential too. Like it’s not a bad idea. I almost like it.

Hopefully I’ll forget about it by tomorrow.

But it also hits the right nostalgia button. It might even hit like three of them.

I got a Stream Deck XL. Not because I’m going to stream, rather because its thirty-whatever buttons I hit whenever I want a particular action. I heard it’s no good with Macs—and you need Keyboard Maestro—but it runs Automator apps and it runs AppleScripts so I’m not sure what else I’d want to do with it. It also can open weblinks. It does all I need.

Which means I can get started playing with the icons maybe tomorrow. My projects have thrown me off a little. As did being able to actually complete my run successfully today. My time even got a little better. But my original “let’s sort the hard drive” project has fallen to the wayside, with a OmniGraffle thing instead taking over. Looks too nice on the iMac.

I miss emails. I don’t write a lot of emails anymore. Emails were fun.

Not managing them, sorting them, reading them (confession: I had to force myself to read emails better, my particular skimming technique did not scale). But writing emails. It’s the egoist in me. My Leo only comes out virtually.

Of course, it might just be sitting in the dark on an actual day off, good lady wife suffering through the sawing through metal with me, emails seem more fun to write.


I’m writing on the iPad (with Bluetooth keyboard), not sitting at the desk and clacking away on the mechanical keyboard.

It’s a different writing experience. Something I had to learn way back when, how to write on a laptop versus how to write on a desktop. Laptops just better.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I hurt my arm a couple months ago and I need to deal with it (i.e. go to the doctor) and so I’m intentionally sleeping funny. But I got up around 4:15 to let Shaz out and I never got fully back to sleep, just an uncomfortable seventy-five minutes.

So it’s been a lot of coffee and no Advil, which seems a mistake.

I saw a Twitter ad for Advil either last night or this morning and it was very appropriate; more ads for crap I actually might want—it’s like when I used to use ad credits to run ads for The Stop Button. Who the hell needs to see an ad for a blog… what was the blog aggregator you could buy banners on?\

We’re sitting in the dark because solar panel installation repair of a repair of a repair of a repair. My tinnitus is going off, something I hadn’t realized the air purifier gizmo was covering. I prefer the air purifier. The tinnitus just sounds like something wrong.

I’ve decided on a couple new projects, but they’re more about organizing than producing. They may lead to production. They’re mostly just kind of fun organizing things. Hobby, of course, not interest. Requires a subscription app.

I’m also trying to prep for another wire purge. Prep myself for my disappointment in myself. Going through wires is like going through a combination of nostalgia and dreams, with nothing left but a tangle of disappointment at bad purchase decisions.

Also ordered some more USB C adapters to continue the circle.

My big concern with Apple VR/AR is it’s going to be nerdy cool in just the right way for me—I’ve wanted a virtual keyboard since The Wizard in 1989 and still reference the possibility of arm keyboards to way too many people—and I’m going to get it and it’s going to annoy the hell out of my wife for years but there will be something amazing with the cats. Augmented reality cats.


It’ll ultimately fail and it’ll be like this nostalgia toy, only as an adult. When I got into home theater nonsense in the nineties, it was solely because of OAR LaserDiscs. You can see the damn movie.

There’s been lots of crap with media since then, but OAR has always won so it’s never become a nostalgia thing.

I did okay today. Meaning I managed to check almost all the items off my to do list—sorry updating “By Title” on The Stop Button, you shall have to wait, hopefully for Wrath of Man but we shall see.

But I got real chores done. Cleaned the cat fountain, changed water filters. I was productive. In a very short amount of time too. Under seventy-five minutes (it helps to have a podcast to time it, in this case Cognitive Dissonance, which cut a little deep and probably contributed to some hot takes on Twitter. It was a mood.

I’m debating how much more I should try to get done—I really want to crap all over the “Mare of Easttown” finale but it’s getting late and I have a cat snuggling me.

Much like MPEG-2 support for QuickTime, which… may not be a thing anymore, Synology doesn’t ship disk stations with an ExFAT license. But for four bucks you can buy one. One each disk station. Whatever, it’s fine. Until I found out Safari—even with the Hush plugin turned off—doesn’t want to let Synology.com store a cookie for the disk station to access.

Microsoft Edge (so Chrome) doesn’t care. Though you can’t use Apple Pay in Edge. I guess it makes sense when you think about it for ten seconds—you don’t want one website’s cookie letting you buy something on another website, even if the second website running off a local device. But still. ExFAT support comes free of charge on Mac.

There’s got to be a better way to do it.

Oops. I missed a post. I really need to come up with the “I missed a post” days on these constraints. The last time I did a post-per-day thing—March, I think, which seems like a millennia ago but maybe it was April, which is now half a millennia ago—I did make up posts because it was a daily posting constraint not a word count and daily posting constraint.

I’m trying to decide if I’m starting the project over from now or if I’m going to just add a day on at the end. I think I’m leaning towards the former but I don’t need to decide until the end of June. I don’t think. I haven’t done the math (or I’ve forgotten it if I have).

I’ll figure it out.

I could do the math—probably pretty easily—but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a Saturday off. Maybe not a long time in calendar days, but in Rona days, it’s been ages. Also it’s summer. School’s out. Weather’s better. CDC says Rona is over and everyone is happy to oblige them.

So glad I decided on the 134 word constraint for the microblogging. Because otherwise I can’t see myself getting it done today. Even though there was a lot today—like how I almost bricked a Synology trying to get it to run four SSDs—plus starting to rewatch “Ted Lasso.” My dad’s visiting and we always make him watch at least one sitcom. This time it’s “Lasso;” Rona being “ovah” or not, “Ted Lasso” is always a very good idea.

I’m typing this post in Visual Studio Code because I’m not willing to get Notepad++ to count words live. I’m not even sure it’s possible. I assume it’s possible, but it’s a lot easier to just get VSCode Portable.

Windows is such a weird environment. I don’t miss it. I know I did for a while in the late 1990s and there’s always the one Windows-only app you need (in my case it’s extra frustrating because it’s an ancient Java app Mac barfs on), but just typing and seeing your word count shouldn’t require a lot of effort.

Fridays are my not-work-from-home day and I hadn’t given any thought to how the project would work on them. Breaks, sure, lunch, sure, commute maybe.

But not apps. Not not being able to just copy paste.

Not a lot of micro blogging today because I’m not actually going through many files by hand. It’s consolidating folders then cleaning them of duplicates, then arranging them. Haven’t had to make a single judgmental call about keeping something or getting rid of it. Though, again, storage is cheap and I’m just throwing it all somewhere I’ll never have to worry about it or think about it or access it but it’ll be just fine. In case.

I’ve been getting fairly regularly burned for not having backups since 1999. That time it was a Windows computer and defragging the hard drive vanished a bunch of data. Then there was the time I defragged a Mac and it changed the contents of my music files? Awesome stuff. Just awesome. Backups would’ve made all the difference.

So I drafted an entire response to a podcast episode where I point out where I agree and disagree and ruminate. A link post. Everyone thinks link blogs are great until you realize the person annotating the links might not even have a good high school understanding of world history or global politics and then you can’t stop seeing all their faults and it constantly rankles you. One should try to be less rankled.

I’m always rankled about something.



Oxford says, “(Of a comment, event, or fact) cause annoyance or resentment that persists,” “(with object) annoy or irritate (someone),” and, “(of a wound or sore) continue to be painful; fester.” I’m a mix of all three.

But I also don’t like glib podcast commentary. Not word constrained. Maybe not public-facing either.

I’m doing the music sort. I didn’t mean to do the music sort but it’s got to be done so might as well get it over with. Hopefully thanks to MusicBrainz Picard and Mp3Tag (now for Mac), it’s going to be easy. Or at least easier than the last time I did it. And I do now have a place to stick all these files.

Whether or not they’re necessary—they exist on CD, which we’ve still got, and they’re on all the music platforms (coming soon in courtesy lossless and maybe even spatial—the spatial I want the most is T.Rex. I might get new headphones if there’s ever T.Rex. I feel like there’s 5.1 T.Rex out there)—is not the question.

Storage is cheap enough they can sit unnecessary forever and ever.

When the book work stopped—when the contract was dead—I packed everything up, physically and virtually. I went through the physical last week or the week before and it was a lovely experience of ridding myself. Let someone who doesn’t assign lots of negative energy to that crap have at it.

But when I boxed away the virtual stuff, I made a number of read-only disk images. Great for archival purposes but not for trying to clean it up and eighty-six the excess. So now I’m having to copy off the disk images to run the duplicate cleaner on them, presumably to then go into another disk image (actually no, just a directory this time). What took all night over Ethernet and NAS is taking about ninety minutes thanks to SSD.

And now for the final test. Is 134 words okay for typing on the phone. I’m convinced I used to write in Writeroom on an IPod touch back in the day but it might be wrong.

The plan is at least one 134 word post for thirty-four days. I don’t think the data sort is going to provide enough fodder. I’m already seeing major progress. Though I just deleted a bunch of stuff. It’s not work sorting. It’s nice to be able to say some stuff isn’t work sorting. I did put the podcast archives away. But they’re also on Amazon so it’s fine. Not thinking we’ll be going back through those ever.

It’s definitely the worst typing and microblogging experience. I wonder if dictation would work better.

Also Ulysses iPhone mostly stinks.

I bought a duplicate finder with a silly name—Cisdem—and have to try to stop the App Store subscription from going through. It’s not cheaper through the company (though sort of) but I’d rather go through them. Plus it’s got a two computer license pack, which is just what I need.

I cleared my entire old Dropbox sync folder, even discovering what the two music tracks were (songs for a video project). Currently I’m cleaning out the book research. Just the duplicates. I’m sure someday I’ll delete the disk images and be done with it but not quite yet.

One of the big things I’ve got to do is make a dedicated place for all the video projects. I’ve got all sorts of video files, FCP files, iMovie files, and Premiere files cluttering.