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Baller move for the Rosalind Eleazar denouement #SlowHorses

So if the boomers just texted they’d be able to stop the bad guys? All these unheard voice mails. #SlowHorses

Oh it’s not a good guy phone. #SlowHorses

Umm. Just tell Siri to make a call. #SlowHorses

Second season #SlowHorses does a great job being a slightly different show with the short jump ahead

That is not the Notes app #SlowHorses

RIP Bill Butler www.thewrap.com/bill-butl…

Liking episode 2 more than 1 #TheBigDoorPrize

Great Heidi piece on Ike leaving marvel www.comicsbeat.com/ike-is-go…

Umm. Ted just touched his MacBook screen didn’t he? Or is that an iPad. #TedLasso

Fargo used the song tho #TedLasso

This #TheEqualizer nightmare means Robyn ate bad cheese after they watched Empire Strikes Back the night before

Okay less later on obvs. #RealHumans

Bea for the win in #RealHumans s2e1

Staying up too late on a work night for #RealHumans

#RealHumans (Swedish) is off to a good start

As usual, my only issue w/ #TedLasso is it’s a binge show on a weekly drop

RKO 281 lol #TheEqualizer

Nice direction from Lyonne too #PokerFace

Luis! #PokerFace

Nick Nolte as Phil Tippett!!! #PokerFace

Do people who like their voices enjoy doing podcast intros?

Oh. The asteroid scene in Empire wouldn’t work at all without Williams, would it? #TheMandalorian

Why am I supposed to root against the dinosaur tortoise? #TheMandalorian

Freebie for Sony so long as they don’t hire Joss Whedon: Venom 3, Sinister 6