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  • @odd I'm listening to all these podcasts talk about the rumored foldable ipad and a software keyboard... and i'm like, they kind of had this in mind right. only one half would need the force touch under it

  • @manton it's a game changer if it just works. I can't wait. lol

  • @danielpunkass listening to the podcast about this and I wanna buy the construction app right now. lol. I've always thought crosswords are great for concept review....

  • @danielpunkass congratulations sir! I'm hyping it to the crossworders I know

  • @chet the "funny" thing is I've had the TransUnion monitoring since before the Equifax hack was revealed :/

  • @manton not the edition I hope :D

  • @macgenie thanks!

  • @danielpunkass listening to the latest podcast. Have you ever thought of splitting off separate little blogging apps? Like the best word press or new Tumblr? Leaving MarsEdit the Swiss Army knife

  • @help thanks. Having the vague memory of deleting all my custom CNAME records thinking there weren't doing anything now realizing they wereโ€ฆ

  • @help pictures aren't posting for me :(

  • @danielpunkass uh... what's going to happen to all my shady video conversion software

  • @help it has appeared ! :)

  • @help I don't see the option to add twitter crossposting... on micro.blog/account/f... am I missing something?

  • @danielpunkass exactly what I was thinking!

  • @JohnPhilpin Indeed. Just raise the price on it for us desperate :(

  • @macgenie Same. I kept iMovie HD running as long as I could. The thing that really bugged me was iMovie trained you to edit differently than Premiere and then... they just gave it up :(

  • @manton is there a way to get cross-posts to show on my blog (i.e. a.micro.blog) in addition to my feed?