Supergirl's off to a better-than-expected start

“Supergirl” Season Four starts like an apology for Season Three. Though, Rhona Mitra is terrible. I wasn’t aware she was so bad. Is she always so bad?

But the stuff with Kara and Supergirl and Jimmy and J’onn? All good. The stuff with Lena? Good, except she’s got such secret villain potential it makes her a lot less sympathetic. She’s a bomb waiting to go off.

Alex and Brainiac? Ugh. Jesse Rath seems to be the culprit there.

It’s good Agent Liberty is a weird mask versus the comics costume? Not sure why they kept the name.

And the heavy-handedness of the political commentary is a lot less awkward (so far). Making Kara own her privilege worked, though J’onn’s pacifism seems like a red herring.

And Nia is awesome. Melissa Benoist does a decent enough Cat Grant impression around her. Though it’s a little weird Kara’s totally fine after last season. But whatever. It’s like they want us to forget… and forgive. Hopefully Rath gets better.

“Supergirl” smokes “Flash” on pretty much every level, one week in.