Micro the Effort

Posted on Mar 2, 2021

I mean to write this post at lunch, but instead finished up a “Frasier” one, which was my second post of the day. This one’s my fourth. I’m not sure there should be a word count goal for media blogging. No matter what you’re writing about, there are only so many adjectives good and bad. But the nice thing about not going too long in the word count target here is it’s a quick blog entry. The micro’s the effort. Hashtag real talk.

When I started working on the book, The Stop Button wasn’t the only thing I hit pause on but I also hit stop on some other things. Now, trying to figure out what to do with these projects literally stopped in mid-whatever… I’ve just taken a focus and fix approach. This thing isn’t working, fix it, that thing isn’t working, fix it. Someday this approach will lead to home improvements and a trip to one of the two loathsome stores if not both, but it’s too cold out so it’s all computer-based stuff right now. And it’s kind of fun to get lost in a project with a conclusion, especially something annoying I’ve been putting off trying to fix.

I’m going to have to buy heavy wood. I’m not looking forward to it. But other things I’m trying to get fixed, they’re sometimes as simple as some HTML commenting out or just getting a PDF year planner, to hell with interactivity. I do have to acknowledge most of the things I’m enjoying enthusiastically tackling are not things I back burnered back of the book. Some of these things are related to back burnered things, but many are not. I just never would’ve gotten to them either. I was willing to fix the result of the problem instead of fixing the problem.

But I do need to work on these posts earlier. Micro or not.