Perfectly Manageable

Posted on Mar 10, 2021

I just ordered a bullet journal. Specifically a dot journal so I can use it as a bullet journal. Like a chump. I distinctly remember being able to get into it with the iPad at some point but all attempts to return to note journaling on the iPad during lockdown have been complete failures. I’m not going to do a full bullet journal, probably not even full day pages. Just something to get going again. I really got into it a few years ago. Mostly because it let me engage that love of stationery, which frankly suffers due to my poor handwriting and bad drawing.

Otherwise, let me tell you, it’d be something. I’d have like an Etsy shop.

I’m not writing any queued posts today—“Michael Hayes” and out (though I did forget to write about it trying to scare people about kids walking around unmonitored in New York City, even though statistically it’s safe; I can’t remember if that article was an old Twitter fire or what; probably). So maybe I do need a limit to posts written per day. I’m thinking it’s going to be maximum two queued posts, maximum one immediate post (unless it’s a day off or something, when I have all the time in the world), one micro blog post. Seems reasonable—three queued posts is daunting, whereas two is perfectly manageable.

I’m making limited progress on the Twitter unlock decision. Made some steps towards it, but they can also jump the rail and be steps towards something else.

I’m not sure what series I’m doing next… possibly “Penny Dreadful” if it’s not too long and my schedule doesn’t change. There are some half hour shows I’m way behind on checking out, I’m trying to maximize time while I can. And none of the ones I’ve got backlogged are so foundational. I’ve been mentally hyping “Michael Hayes” to myself for over twenty years. Time to check it out. Doing the “Swamp Thing” cartoon just because it’s 2021 and I can do the “Swamp Thing” cartoon isn’t the same thing.


“Ned & Stacey.”

Buckle up.