Ideas are fizzling

Posted on Mar 13, 2021

I’m trying this post on the phone. I’ve got some comments about the Ulysses iPhone app. I won’t be making them but I do have them. We’re supposed to be having a snowmageddon but I’m unconvinced. The weather forecasters never seem to get it right here. You’d think if somehow have remembered this post—what with the otherwise successful bullet journal—but I spent the train ride home playing on the phone. The train attendant apologized when I had to pause to show my ticket and I felt like an ass. Mostly because I meant to have it ready and having to wait on smartphones is annoying. I wrote on the ride in. Nothing since. Too tired. Tomorrow should be good for it. I’m still mulling the Twitter unlocking thing. The longer it goes, the more difficult it gets to remain interested much less motivated. Other ideas are fizzling at different rates. I’m feeling the bandwidth clog a little but again… very tired. Tired enough I’m having a time with this post. Makes me very glad I didn’t try any of the more intensive blog writing. Especially not these two posts, which are potentially interesting. Hashtag reclaim interesting; creators whining it’s a coded pejorative are wrong. Interesting is interesting. Something can be good without being interesting. Something can be bad without being interesting. I’d guess most bad media isn’t interesting. And a solid amount of good stuff isn’t interesting. The word apparently annoying some people is just a bonus. Real talk. Interesting is a good word.