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Very terse

It’s the wife’s spring break so we’ve got more time to watch movie movies (so of course we wasted a night on Justice League), but we’ve done a couple recent ones—Knives Out and Three Billboards. During an ice cream run, I was texting with a friend about Billboards and happy to hear all my observations of its obvious problems were on point.

I don’t read much if any film criticism right now. I was going to have to read a bunch for the book. Very glad I didn’t have to do it. I’m not interested. Nothing sounds worse than doing a historiography of film criticism. Well, nothing I might potentially be doing.

Speaking of doing, I launched a very terse Patreon today. I even walked it back from what I was planning at the start—reminds me I need to add a link on the site—but I launched it. If it ends up being as pointless as other such efforts, at least I won’t have sunk too much effort into it.

I’m actually doing pretty progress wise—my bullet journal’s not done for the day at 11:30 but it’s close and I’ve got a half hour. I will not have a good night’s sleep before going back to work tomorrow—though, work from home—going back to work is going to a different web site.

I’ve got to get mediating and napping going again. Not simultaneously either.